Various Payment Methods

5 Tips to Make Your Online Store a Success

An online shopping website can be a way to generate either part time or full time income from the internet. There are millions of physical products you can sell, either your own or as an affiliate. Online stores use various business models, from drop shipping to selling handmade crafts to importing products from other countries. Regardless of how you do it, you will need certain tools to succeed. Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Give Your Site a Clear Focus

The most successful online stores usually specialize in a particular theme or interest. This may not be true of a huge retailer like Amazon, but you cannot directly compete with the giants. As a smaller online business, you are better off deciding who your target audience is and what you want to sell them.

Ecommerce Store

2. Choose the Right Online Shopping Cart

There are many online shopping cart software programs you can use. Some are free and are often available with web hosting. If you run your site using WordPress, there are various shopping cart plugins that you can install. You can also purchase online shopping carts that provide more features. A web marketing Montreal professional can help you set up your online store if you need help with it. The important thing is to have a professional looking store that’s easy for customer’s to navigate.

3. Accept Payments in Multiple Ways

You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to shop at your website. This means you should offer them as many payment options as possible. Ideally you should accept PayPal, credit cards and checks or money orders for people who prefer to send you payments manually.

Various Payment Methods

4. Optimize Your Online Store With the Search Engines

For you online store to be successful, your customers have to find you. If you optimize your site with the search engines, people searching for your type of products will find your site. You may want to consult with an SEO Montreal expert to help you attract more targeted traffic to your online store.

5. Provide Top Quality Customer Service

Customer service is extremely important when you are doing business online. In order to build trust, you must be responsive and helpful to questions, comments and even complaints. You should have an efficient support system in place and answer all queries within one business day.

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How To Buy A Guitar For A Kid

Introducing music to children is one of the most incredible gifts that a parent can give. Many children are able to quite easily pick up and begin to master any instrument. Pianos are often great options, but they are very expensive, cannot travel and can sometimes be difficult to fit into a home. Other instruments like clarinets, trumpets or drums can also be expensive to purchase and are more difficult for smaller hands to learn. This is why the guitar is an almost ideal choice for a kid learning an instrument for the first time. Start them off with Montreal guitar lessons. However, it can be tough to figure out what the best type or size of guitar is. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that can make this purchase smooth and easy.

The first consideration is what type of guitar your child would like. The three main options are acoustic, classical and electric. Because an electric guitar is usually more expensive and requires additional equipment like amplifiers, it is usually not the first choice. Both the classical and acoustic guitars are similar and would work for a child, but the nylon strings on a classical guitar can be easier on little fingers than the metal strings on an acoustic.

The second consideration is the size of the guitar. Too many parents try to buy a bigger guitar with the plan that it will last longer; however, it will be significantly more difficult to play which could lead to disinterest by the child. If the guitar is too small, it can lead to incorrect playing style which could cause issues later on. A standard guitar is appropriate for any child that has reached the height of five feet or is about 11 years old. A child under four feet (usually four to six years old) will usually need a 1/4 sized guitar. A child between four and four and a half feet (five to eight years old) will need a 1/2 sized guitar. Finally, a child between four and a half and five feet tall will be able to use a 3/4 sized guitar.

Finally, consider the color or finish of the guitar. Many parents prefer a clean, classic look of a wood finish; but there are many other options that may be more attractive to kids. These can range from a simple colored lacquer finish to a fun print. There are even guitars with recognizable characters from kids’ favorite shows. Music is a great way to encourage them to continue their math tutor lessons.

meltric home appliances

Find Out If Your Electrical Products Are Safe

It can be hard to resist a good bargain on an electrical appliance; unfortunately, many cheap appliances can cost you a lot of money in the long-run. A cheap appliance can put your home and family at risk. It is important to never sacrifice safety for a couple of dollars.

How Do You Know If Your Appliance Is Safe?

Whenever you buy an appliance, electrical device or tool, make sure the device has a safety certification stamp. The gold standard in safety certifications is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark. This company has tested devices, systems and materials since 1984.

Electric Appliance

Countries and states may have their own testing standards; even if you live in an area that has different standards, you should still look for the UL stamp. It is easily recognizable, and it is trusted globally.

Always make sure to place items in your home correctly. Improper placement can cause fires and electrocution. If your device has the UL mark, it should come with instructions that let you know exactly how the device needs to be used. Always read and follow the instructions closely; it can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Buy From Trusted Brands

The easiest way to make sure that your devices are certified is to always buy from trusted brands. When buying discount devices, there is a big chance that you are buying a knockoff that doesn’t meet stringent testing standards. Some of these devices may even have fake UL stamps on them. In general, buy your devices from trusted retailers that are known to sell a quality product.

meltric home appliances

Power strips are a big problem when it comes to knockoff products; they are cheaply produced in foreign countries that have low standards. Always buy power strips from a reputable company like Meltric; a company that has earned the trust of all of its customers. If you skimp on an inexpensive product like this, you can cause a fire; you can also damage the devices that are plugged into your power strips.

Always be careful with vintage devices; make sure to check that they have the UL stamp on them. If they don’t, you are better off not using them; just display them in your home. If you find an item in your home that isn’t properly certified, dispose of it as soon as you can. Always dispose of items in accordance with your local laws and landfill regulations.

Mind-Blowing Home Stereo Systems

So you’ve compiled a great music playlist. But are you really hearing it in the best possible way? Well, to answer the musical question, you’re going to need a better stereo system.

In this age of home theater setups, it’s easy to find prepackaged systems — plug it in and rock out. Convenient, sure, but there are good reasons to build one yourself.

Building a home theater

For one, you can buy only as many components you’ll need to fit your space. You can upgrade around components you already own. And you can expand the system if your budget or space needs change.

You’ll likely want to set up this system to meet all your home entertainment needs. Topping the list are the basics: a high-def television, video sources, a receiver for surround sound, speakers and a subwoofer, according to Julie Govan of Crutchfield.

But don’t forget the smaller pieces, Govan says. Among these items are cables, remotes, an internet connection and surge protectors to keep your sensitive equipment safe from power spikes. Also, make sure the paint colour doesn’t interfere with the colour from the screen.

Small package, big sound

But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend? What if you have only a small space, like a dorm room or an apartment, but you still want the kind of sound that will get your neighbors’ attention (hopefully telling you how wonderful it all sounds)?  Well, fear not. It’s possible to build an impressive little system that sounds as good as a live Montreal concert setup, according to Steve Guttenberg of CNET News.

Guttenberg build a desktop system by mixing a tiny amplifier with bookshelf speakers, for less than $100 total. That price didn’t include the cost of wires to connect components, and it is based on the assumption you will already have a device to deliver audio and video.

Of course, $100 is just a guideline. An excellent desktop system can be built for more, using components of greater size and power. And the system can be set up to run wirelessly, if desired.

No matter your space or your budget, put together your own killer stereo system. Before you know it, you’ll be entertaining the whole family, impressing the neighbors and throwing parties everyone will rave about.

Relaxing Before a Spa Treatment

5 Spa Treatments After Your Shopping Day

After a full day of errands and shopping, it’s time for you now. Head to the spa for some relaxation, rejuvination, and reinvigoration. What treatments will leave you feeling great and able to head back and face that long, still-to-do list? Here are your five best choices for a new you in an hour:

1. Massage. Whether your personal taste runs to the traditional long-stroke Swedish massage, or deep tissue firm pressure, or acupressure, trigger-point massage, (I recommend the hot stone massage), a full-body or even just a chair massage of your back, neck, arm and shoulders will soften and ease your muscles and release those shopping tensions.

Relaxing Before a Spa Treatment

2. Pedicure. Oh those aching feet. Even if you wore your “shopping shoes”, those feet are tired. Let them soak in scented warm water, be gently massaged and exfoliated and carefully groomed and polished to look gorgeous in peep-toed pumps or sandals. You’ll feel like a new woman.

3. Facial. The wind, the heating, the air conditioning, the rushing about — this day of shopping has taken a toll on your skin. A facial will freshen your face right back up and make you look and feel young and fresh. There are now so many options for facials. Different spas offer different choices from simple cleansing and moisturizing facials to complex laser resurfacing facials. Your spa will have a facial that’s perfect for you.

4. Bath Soak. Sometimes, nothing is so good for the soul and the body as a good old-fashioned soak in a tub. Many spas offer private bath soaks with scented oils; others have communal hot plunges or combine warm water soaks with body wrap treatments. Check your local spa for soothing options when going home might not get you that quiet time to yourself.


5. Manicure. All that shopping and bag hefting may have done some damage to your nails. Put the bags in the car and have a fresh manicure to end your shopping day. Pick a new, cheerful color and go home renewed.

For a special treat, plan a holiday shopping day that will intentionally end at the spa where you will have booked all 5 of these treatments. (They can overlap and all be done in less than 3 hours.) Now that’s a great shopping day!

To find more info about spa and relaxation after a stressed day, visit this website.

Mazda 3 Rallying

Five Cars you should Consider Buying Second Hand

When it comes to used cars Calgary, it is like playing a roulette wheel: You may get the car of your dreams or you may get a lemon. Some makes have a history of reliability and performance that suggest they would have what it takes, so we can make an educated guess. With that in mind, here are five cars you might consider buying second hand.

The Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is a good bet to buy from the used car listings. The S60 is both a luxury car and a sporty offering from a highly regarded car company, but it does not show up on many lists. It’s a spectacular car. You know you’re driving luxury when you step on the gas, while still feeling safe and secure. It offers power and nimble handling, and at the right price, it tops the list of best used cars.

Volvo S60

The Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 from the Used SUV class is a great pick for best used car for almost any circumstance. It can go anywhere and still deliver decent gas mileage. The interior and exterior are both stylish and full of intriguing extras, not to mention that a Toyota enjoys a long life.

Volkswagen Golf

When it’s time to go back to school, a used car is certainly practical, but it can also be fun. Look to the Volkswagen Golf to be the used vehicle of choice for college kids. It offers a lot of car for the buck in the used market, and German engineering will inspire young academic minds. The fuel mileage is not bad and the handling and luxury is tough to miss when you’re behind the wheel. The kids will believe you love them if you buy this one.

Mazda 3 Rallying

Mazda 3

Cool cars aren’t necessarily hot, and that describes a used Mazda 3. This attractive little car offers great mileage, styling and handling, along with reliability and affordability. Mazda’s are underrated automobiles. They go through any kind of weather, put up with much abuse and win a lot of hearts: That is often the recipe for the perfect used car.

Lincoln MKZ

Good used green cars are a tough nut to crack. You may not want to trust the technology before 2011, but you may find the 2011 Lincoln MKZ is worth paying a premium for. This gas/electric hybrid is one sharp drive. Luxury takes a back seat to technology in this car. When you’re in the market for a used car, you will get the best car for your money by doing the research on the make and model before you buy.

USB-powered mini-aquarium

Five Cool Gadget Stores in Montreal

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If you pay a visit to Montreal and stay in one of of the many tremendous downtown Montreal Hotels, one of the things you will definitely want to take advantage of is the world-class shopping. And, if you’re a geek like me, you’ll want to visit Montreal’s many gadget shops.

NeoMagnetic Gadgets

One of the first you’ll want to check out is NeoMagnetic Gadgets, located at 4030 Rue Saint-Ambroise. NeoMagnetic features tons of cool LED gadgets, including cap lights; light strands for the home, auto, etc.; ice buckets and even shoelaces! They also feature, as their name implies many magnetic novelties, including cubes and desktop items of all sizes. Puzzles, games, and solar-powered novelties are offered as well!

Another great storefront is the Spy Gadget Shop, at 4230 Rue Tilleuls. This shop features – you guessed it – spy gadgets! Spy Gadget Shop boasts spying equipment at the best prices you’ll find. From spy cameras, wireless devices, GPS tracking devices, bluetooth devices, security and surveillance equipment and more! They offer camera clocks, watches, wallets and more.


You’ll also want to check out Motrak Electronic Surplus at 16 Grand Boulevard. The most impressive thing about this store is its massive inventory. From personal electronics like cell phones and tablets to auto equipment, tools and gadgets, and home electronics such as televisions and home theater systems, if you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist!

And don’t miss Idee Cadeau Quebec! Looking for a USB-powered mini-aquarium? Bacon-scented shaving cream? A scuba mask equipped with a video camera? Where else are you going to look? They also sell DVD and BluRay discs, as well as typical personal and household electronics as well as writing instruments, grilling supplies, and musical equipment.

USB-powered mini-aquarium

Finally, be sure to The Future Shop, at 470 Rue Sainte Catherine O. Another store with a massive inventory, The Future Shop offers personal and home electronics. Tablets, computer parts, home appliances, home entertainment and video game systems are featured, as well as electronic musical instruments and various radio-controlled toys.

Montreal is truly one of the world’s great cities, and any visitor of their fabulous downtown Montreal hotels should definitely check out the many electronics and gadget shops downtown!

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professional french translation

Lost in Translation: Ten Hilarious Stories of Mistranslation

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When companies and nations fail to hire a competent translator, the rest of us benefit from the ensuing hilarity. Here are the ten funniest cases of mistranslation.

1. When Kentucky Fried Chicken placed their first location in China, they heavily promoted the franchise with their famous ?finger lickin? good? slogan. Due to a mistaken translation, the slogan read, ?we?ll eat your fingers off.?

2. The ConAgra Company, Hunt-Wesson wished to market their canned dish, Big John’s Beans ‘n Fixins in French Canada. They introduced the brand as Gros Jos, a French Canadian colloquialism for large breasts.

professional french translation

3. In the early 1970s, General Motors decided to sell their popular Chevrolet Nova automobile in Spanish speaking countries. They did not change the name of the car, which is Spanish for ?doesn?t go.? Fortunately, this mistake made no impact on sales.

4. The large financial corporation HSBC had a successful marketing campaign centered on the slogan ?assume nothing.? When taken to foreign markets, this slogan inadvertently translated to ?do nothing? in many languages.

5. In 1977, Jimmy Carter was given an untrained translator to communicate his speech to the people of Poland. Among the many errors the translator made on that day was the inaccurate translation of Carter?s opening sentence ?I left the United States? into ?I abandoned the United States.?

6. Spanish speakers were surprised at Braniff International Airways? marketing campaign that urged them to ?fly naked.? The unfortunate translation was from a promotion for their first class seats that suggested passengers ?fly in leather.?

7. When Coca Cola introduced their brand into China, they discovered the phonetic translation of the characters for the word coca cola is “bite the wax tadpole.” They quickly found similar characters with the more suitable translation of ?to allow the mouth to be able to rejoice.?


8. General Motors introduced their new Buick Lacrosse into the French Canadian market without seeking professional French translation services. The name was rapidly changed to Allure when it was discovered that this is the local term for masturbation.

9. In 2009, the United States wished to show their goodwill to Russia by presenting the Foreign Minister with the gift of a button meant to symbolize a reset of the relationship. Instead of the word ?reset? the gift was inscribed with the Russian word for overcharged.

10. When Schweppes began to market their tonic water in Italy, they mistakenly made it far less appetizing than they intended. The translated Italian brand was called Schweppes Toilet Water.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Wild Drive

Upgrade and Accessorize

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Anyone who drives an SUV is likely to have a soft spot for utility. These drivers like to get things done, and they like to get them done efficiently. Adding the top accessories to your SUV can help you on a daily basis, making life just a little bit simpler.

Get in Your Mitsubishi Outlander for Surfing

Luxury Underfoot

The floor mats that come with a new vehicle will make the grade for a small period of time. Their life expires shortly, however, and it is time to get some mats that can take some real abuse. All-weather floor mats help to maintain the value of the vehicle and reduce the amount of time spent vacuuming out this area of the car. Weather Tech makes durable mats with outstanding grip. They come in three different colors: tan, gray, and black. These mats are ideal for nearly all vehicles, making concerns for dirt, snow, ice, grit, and grime a thing of the past.

Breathe Easy

Having the ability to crack a window in all conditions is a nice small luxury. Being able to do this without letting in rain and other weather-related obstacles requires that drivers get their hands on side-window deflectors. These devices simply attach to the side-window channel with one quick snap. The acrylic composite material can be made clear, opaque, or any range of smoky grays. The guard will allow you let air into the cabin without increasing noise from wind resistance.

Pack It All In

Mitsubishi Outlander Wild Drive

Cargo liners are another barrier of defense that protects the value of your vehicle. The carpet in the rear of an SUV takes a beating, wearing it down very quickly. Rubber liners in the cargo area protect you vehicle while keeping your cargo from sliding around during rough travel. These liners also protect from spills and potential water damage from any gear that you simply want to throw in the back. Top-quality cargo liners can be vacuumed and wiped clean with ease. They can also be custom cut for any vehicle. From the Mitsubishi Outlander to the Nissan Pathfinder, the mats can be designed for a snug fit.

Bring the Whole Family

Pet owners know that it can be hazardous to allow the dogs free reign of the cabin while driving. Pet barriers that fit right into your cargo space will let your pets come along for the ride while protecting the upholstery in the vehicle. Adjustable pet barriers made from stainless steel bars can go in and out of the SUV, and they do not inhibit rear visibility while in place.

Up-Grade Your Rack

Factory SUV racks can be flimsy and unreliable in many instances. Increase the size and the load that you can put up top by installing a Surco Urban Roof-Rack. These racks feature sturdy aluminum construction, simplifying the process of typing down cargo. The bars that stretch across the bottom of the unit also protect the finish of the roof.


A Clean Profile

SUVs tend to make their way to destinations that the mere cars will never see. They also present a larger face that catches pesky bugs and dirt while traveling down the highway. Eliminate the time that is spent cleaning off this mess and protect the finish by installing custom bug deflectors. These items can come in virtually any color, and they can feature custom graphics.

discount wedding dresses

Seven Budget-Savvy Buys for Your Incredible Wedding

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More and more brides and grooms are inventing some very creative ways to stay within their budgets. Saving on wedding attire, services and all of the other must-haves for a remarkable event does not have to mean getting by with less. Following are some simple ways to celebrate in style while staying on schedule and on budget.

Affordable Wedding Dress

1. Discount Wedding Dresses

Shopping for discount wedding dresses is one sage strategy for brides on a budget. Many bridal shops mark down last year’s styles when the new designs arrive. Vintage loving brides often find their perfect gowns in antique or second hand shops. Quality construction, unique beauty and a budget price make these discount wedding dresses treasured finds.

2. Frugal Flowers

Keeping flower purchases reasonable does not require skimping on decor. Just one or two types of in-season blossoms make attractive displays that reflect the wedding color scheme. Lots of greenery, which is generally less expensive than blooms, gives the wedding and reception venues a lovely look at a pretty price point.

3. No Waste Wedding Cakes

A statement cake on the reception table is a great way to trim the waste from this high budget item. Some couples select a small artisan cake for display and serve guests from a less expensive yet delicious sheet cake cut and plated in the kitchen.

discount wedding dresses

4. Simple Servings

Whether serving hors d’oeuvres, lunch or a complete dinner, keeping the servings simple saves on expense. Buffet style food invites guests to choose what they like best while saving on wait staff costs.

5. Liberal Libations

Couples can be generous with without breaking their budgets by selecting beverages that go farther. Opting for a reasonably priced Champagne ensures a second glass for everyone. Instead of funding a well-stocked bar, buying a selection of good wines or microbrews saves money without skimping on servings.

6. Modest Musical Accompaniment

Although music is integral to a wedding ceremony and reception, couples can easily save on the cost. University musicians may be available to provide awesome accompaniment for a fairly low fee. Enlisting the help of friends or family to perform or act as DJs is also a wonderful way to get people personally involved and save at the same time.

cheap wedding gown

7. Signature Stationary

Designing signature invitations and hand-lettering envelopes announces from the outset that this event has a deeply personal nature. Saving on costs is simply a fringe benefit.

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